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Don't do like many Chinese factory who want to enter in the Amazon Game! 

They just just send their product in FBA warehouse without making any marcket analises and product branding, thinking that just the lowest price will bring them some converssion. It's not the good technic anymore, people are looking for trusted reliable brand with value and beautifull product and we are here to do the for you.

Our Professional Design & Amazon Analyst Team Bring All

Their Knowledge at Your Services


We will analyse the market you want to enter in and give

you advices. In conclusion of the analysis we will create:

-The product offer 

-The logo 

-The packaging 

-The name in relation with your product niche. 

-We create the visual identity of your brand. 

-We help you to  take care about the after sell services with a automatic mail services.

-We make sure you have enought good comments and fives start to lunch your product.

-We form you in the different advertising thechnic.

-We write a keywords optimised product description for your product

-We take pictures of your product and create the Amazon images listing 

-And Finally we Make your products generate sells

Basiclly we do all the job for you until your product generate organic sells.

You will just have to produic it and replanish inventory, easy no!!! 

When it comes to selling goods online, the biggest challenge most Internet retailers (or e-tailers) face is getting found by their customers. The competition to rank high in the search engines for the most popular keywords and keyword phrases is fierce and growing more intense all the time.

The solution for many e-tailers is to sign up as an third-party seller. This can provide vast exposure for an online merchant’s products that’s far wider than what many can achieve via their own search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, leading to increased sales and revenue.

Amazon’s Third-Party Platform

More than two million third-party merchants in over a hundred different countries are currently selling on the Amazon platform, and this number has doubled in the past decade. More than 40 percent of all the merchandise sold on Amazon last year was sold by a third-party merchant, or a total of about two billion items—double the number of items sold on the platform in 2013.



Some companies simply connect you to a manufacturer, then disappear, leaving you mired in miscommunication and quality issues. That’s not the case with AxeSourcing. We put communication and quality first, and we won’t compromise. We maintain a 24-hour communication cycle that allows us to quickly identify and address issues early to ensure components and assemblies are produced and delivered on time, as promised. Your needs are unique, and we are confident our expert team will identify a fully vetted reliable supplier to fulfill your precise specifications. If you have a consumer product you’d like a prototype of, we can help there too. From sporting goods to household products and pet supplies, we can help you find the best factory for your manufacturing needs. 


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