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              Tel: +86 135-9054-5035


              9/f, Devon House, Taikoo Place 979 King's                        Road, Quarry Bay, H.K

If you prefer, get in direct contact with our directors:

Manager Director:

Boulmenadjel Sami


Sourcing Director:

Liu Sisi



Some companies simply connect you to a manufacturer, then disappear, leaving you mired in miscommunication and quality issues. That’s not the case with AxeSourcing. We put communication and quality first, and we won’t compromise.

Get a Free Quote Today!

Usually, you will get reply within 24 - 72 Hours after you contacted us.



Which criteria do you have when selecting suppliers?

Criteria are attributes that we valorize during the arrangements with suppliers.

We have eight common 

supplier selection criteria, in no formal order:

-Previous experience and past performance with the product/service to be purchased.


-Quality & Safety

-Ability to meet current and potential capacity requirements, and do so on the desired delivery schedule.

-Social Responsibility

-Financial stability.


-Technical support availability and willingness to participate as a partner in developing and optimizing design and a long-term relationship.


How do you verify suppliers?


-Make a phone call 

-Check business licenses 

-Ask for references: To check up on the supplier’s track record in producing top-quality items, ask for their previous customers as a reference. 

-Get a sample 

-Conduct factory audits (for suppliers in Guangzhou) 

-Search through the Chinese Supreme Court database.


Do you primarily select suppliers within your own network, or do you source new suppliers for each client?


We have collected over 2300 suppliers and contacts in all kind of industries and product categories over the years. These are suppliers and manufacturers that we trust because:

-We have worked with them for many years

-We know their processes and manufacturing standards

-They have proven to be supportive when problems arise

If we can not find any suppliers fit your requirement in our data base then we will definitly 

look for new suppliers and select them according to our criteria exposed above.

Can you help us with quality control and lab testing?


About the quality control we are only doing a sample QC and pre-shippment QC.

However, for a full QC service and lab testing we will recommend you reputable Inspection companies (starting from 99$) that we have already worked with. The inspection company will go to the factory during production and deliver a PDF report of the inspection.


Can you handle all the shipment issue like taxes and customs clearance


Our years of experience make sure our customers get the best pricing for each shipment. Our logistics team in Guangzhou compares different shipping lines, truck/Train companies, and clearance charges on each shipment to ensure you get always competitive pricing on shipping and import charges.

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