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Are You Going to Miss these Hot Products Opportunities under the Global Epidemic Covid-19?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

After more than half a year of home isolation, data shows that during beginning of October, the foreign trade business has recovered 79% year-on-year, showing a better recovery. Saying goodbye to the coolness of autumn, we also began to formally invest in the busyness of the last quarter.

The number of epidemics worldwide is still rising. There is no doubt that this is a long-term global confrontation. In addition to taking reliable measures to protect our own safety, we have also found that people's needs for the quality of Home Life, Physical and Mental Health Management are also increasing.

We also summarized the recent product selection opportunities into three categories: "Continuously popular categories", "Newly popular categories" and "High-potential categories", and conducted trend analysis of popular products.

Continuously Popular Categories

Outdoor equipment, household appliances, and fitness / health items that have continued to be popular in the past few years. Under each category, there are many superstar projects that have raised millions or even tens of millions of dollars. Especially under the influence of COVID-19, people now pay more attention to their health, and they are more active indoor exercises when they are at home, and want to enjoy outdoor activities when they have the opportunity to go out. So the demand for such products has greatly increased.

1- Outdoor- Bicycle

Cycling and outdoor entertainment are the two major outdoor thematic needs. Chinese exportation data shows that this year bicycle demand has increased by 15%. There is even a Customized 3D printed electric bicycle concept product.

2- Household appliances- Home barbecue equipment / Coffee machine / Household cleaning tools

Living at home allows people to have more time and interest to study diversified dining methods and pursue a higher quality of life, all of which have brought huge market potential to household appliances. Among them, the best growth momentum is kitchen appliances and household cleaning products.

3- Fitness / Health - Sleep headphones / Handheld fitness equipment / Foldable home walking machine

As a category that European and American consumers pay high attention to, fitness/health categories have soared this year when the epidemic has worsened, increasing by 300% over last year's exports.

Newly popular categories ( hot products )

Around the same period last year, the three new top hot categories from March to August 2020 were efficiency products/office supplies, pet supplies and energy/environmental protection products. Among them, in the energy/environmental protection category, the number of new products in 2020 is 14 times that of 2019.

1- Efficiency products / office supplies - 4 in 1 computer folding stand / Smart lift table for work + health

Affected by the epidemic, the current work-home-work directives in Europe and the United States have not been completely lifted. Although the regulations of each country are slightly different, technology leaders such as Facebook and Google have announced work -from-home until next summer. This also means that the demand for office efficiency-related products will continue steady growth.

2- Pet products - Automatic smart cat litter box / Pet toys for self-entertainment

With the advancement and popularization of technology, traditional pet products have also ushered in new changes. From the full explosion of pet living products to leisure and entertainment products on the platform, we have all seen the increasing attention of overseas users to the physical and mental health of pets at home.

3- Energy/environmental protection products- Super energy storage power products

In the context of this global crisis, the demand for various survival kits and new power storage products has unexpectedly received a lot of attention.

High potential categories

It can be seen from the above cases that in addition to the 3C categories that have been highly active, outdoor products, home appliances and fitness equipment have also attracted attention. It also allows us to see a demand that is generally concerned by global: physical and mental health management.

In the past six months, the Covid-19 epidemic and the continued spread of wildfires on the West Coast of the United States have made this demand more obvious, and on this basis, there will be a great opportunity to bring out new high-potential product categories: decompression relaxation and air purification products.

1- Decompression relaxation - Real-time emotion regulation "remote control" / Fingertip spinning top that can fly

For a long time in the future, for people who have to stay at home due to various objective and realistic problems, we believe that they will pay more and more attention to decompression and relaxation products with psychological adjustment functions.

2- Air purifier

Although air-cleaning products are not a new concept, they are not regarded as rigid demand products in the European and American markets. Like the bicycles that were completely out of stock in the European and American markets during the rapid outbreak of the epidemic, everyone has attached great importance to air quality in the past few months, and the demand for air purification products has increased greatly.

Every year lots of Chinese factories and suppliers improve their fabrication process and invent new technologies which always lead to new and hot products release, so keep your eyes open!

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