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We Are Aiming To Make It Easier When You Are Importing Products From China



Product Sourcing is the first and the most crucial step into a prosper business. Do you keep running into obstacles when sourcing products from China? Do you keep banging your head against the wall thinking there must be a better way when importing? 

We Are The Solution

Sourcing Products

Sample Approval

Arrange Production

Sourcing Products

A member of our professional sourcing team will be in charge of your case after you requested for a Free quotation, you are expected to receive the free quote within 24 - 72 Hours.  

We will find and suggest the most suitable suppliers according to the need of your company, besides achieving the best cost-benefit. Product searching based on your requirement

See how we do...

Our team are specialize in Chinese négocition, we are looking for your product by first questioning our factories data base then we directly contact the suppliers by phone and talk about the price the delivery time, the samples and every important point according to your specifications. The prices that you’ll receive from us are based on your exact inquiry including certifications & all other requirements that you gave us. We try our very best to meet your target prices and beyond. You can be sure to always get the best prices. 


Sample Approval


You are happy with the different price quotations? If yes, then it’s the time to order a sample to check if everything meet your requirements. If you are not happy with our initial quotation, we will continue to source.

See how we do...

By using our services, rather than send the sample oversea which can be really expensive, we will receive it for you, at a really low cost. Our team will analyse the samples according to your standard. We will write an accurate report, take pictures and video of the sample to make you feel the product as if it was in your hands. We also have experience in product design and fabrications process. If there is any problems did not report by the supplier in the material report you can be sure that our expert eyes will spot it! 


Arrange Production


We find the product fit your requirement and settle all the production details and highlight the crucial points with the supplier before place the order.

See how we do...

Once we settle all the production details and highlight the crucial points with the supplier we will start the production and get in touch constantly with you and the suppliers. We are your China liazon to manage order issues and push for on-time finish. 


Quality Inspection


Apart from catching problems before shipment, regular quality control encourages factories to maintain high standards. The level of quality control you need will vary depending on your business, your product, and your market requirements. We will help you to control the quality at every step of the process from the sample to the final order ready to be shipped.

See how we do...

We offers the following quality control inspection services: 

-Sample inspection 

-Pre-shipment inspection: 

We will select a sample batch of finished goods to be inspected. We will then check the product specifications have been met, quality standards have been met, and packaging, labeling requirements to determine if the product meets the client’s expectations. Our Quality Control inspector team will complete a report along with a pass or fail and we will send it to you. Finally, if everything is ok we will arrange shipment. If the inspection for any reason fails, then according to the contract in place, the manufacturer is forced to correct/reproduce the products.


Shipment & Consolidation

Boarding Control & Shipment Update

Shipment & Consolidation

We’ll handle logistics for you from China to any destination you choose.We will find in our forwarder and express company database the most valuable solution according to your requirements. We combine shipping for multiple listings shipped to your Amazon warehouse to help you save cost from China.

See how we do...

We take care of the entire delivery process to get your goods from the factory floor in China right to your door.  We export FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than container load) to most major ports in the world using China Shipping lines or other major shipping lines. How do we ensure you get the best price?

Our logistics team in Guangzhou compares different shipping lines, trucking companies, and clearance charges on each shipment to ensure you get consistently competitive pricing on shipping and import charges.


Reduce shipping costs by having products from multiple suppliers consolidated into one container. We’ll arrange the internal logistics in China for the consolidation and will manage the container loading process.


Boarding Control & Shipment Update

We will take care of the merchandise logistics and coordinate the boarding procedure.

All this process will be constantly notified to you so that you are aware of all the steps of your merchandise.

See how we do...

We arrange customs clearance, insurance, tax and import permits . No more paperwork, no need to arrange your own marine cargo insurance. We will take care of the merchandise logistics and coordinate the boarding procedure. All this process will be constantly notified to you so that you are aware of all the steps of your merchandise. Once goods leave China we will update you with Bill of Lading, shipping documents and tracking number. We will notify you when shipment will arrive.


Quality Inspection

We offer a turnkey sourcing solution providing to your business all the flexibility to focus on what’s really matter, making sales. You will have more time focus on marketing, PPC, and business development, we handle everything until you get the products inside your Shop, your Amazon FBA warehouse or other E-commerce stockage. Relax, give yourself more time and reduce significantly the risk. 


We’ve helped dozens of clients save time, money and energy by soliciting our expertise, outsource the highly specialized & manpower intensive sourcing, quality control & logistics processes to someone who does it day in day out and has systems, processes, technologies, logistic and contact database allow you to focus on your business and keep an entier control on it.

Step global sourcing

Go trought the pictures to understand the all process  


Get a free quote today!



You are happy with the suppliers we find for you. The price we give to you is the final one, including all our service and the product according to your requirement. (no hidden charge or additional cost will be asked later)



You are happy with the sample. We will ask you to pay 30% of the final price to start the production. (In general the factory ask for 30% but sometimes it can be more, all depand on their policies).



We will ask you to pay the price of the differents sample you are interested in then, we will received the sample for an inspection. We will make a video and write a report to you. We can as weel directly  send the sample to you if you need it.



If everything is ok with your goods we will process the shipment.

We will take care of the merchandise logistics and coordinate the boarding procedure. All this process will be constantly notified to you so that you are aware of all the steps of your merchandise.

26876-200 copy.png



After settled the last payment we will receive the goods to our warehouse (or on the factory ground) we will inspect the products to see if they are well made and meet all your requirements.

You are expected to receive the quote within 24 - 72 Hours.



Some companies simply connect you to a manufacturer, then disappear, leaving you mired in miscommunication and quality issues. That’s not the case with AxeSourcing. We put communication and quality first, and we won’t compromise.

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