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Some companies simply connect you to a manufacturer, then disappear, leaving you mired in miscommunication and quality issues. That’s not the case with Axe sourcing.



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Product Sourcing is the first and the most crucial step into a prosper business, this part shouldn’t be négligate at any cost. China nowadays is the factory of the world you can find suppliers for almost every product at the best value but you will see that Yet finding the right supplier is not as straightforward as it seems. 

Sourcing in China when you are beginner is like crossing the desert without any assistance or climbing the everest without preparation, the adventure will soon

reveal very dangerous ... 

which will be the difficulties you will encounter?

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 Language Barrier and Communication

Due to language barrier and the total different aspect of the communication, get in touch with a supplier can be confusing. Get the right answer to your questions can be very difficult. Chinese suppliers usually treat one question by one and if they are not able to answer positively to your demande they will sometimes try to dodge the question or ignore it which it can be really frustrating, exhausting and time consuming.

See how we do...

Communicate with supplier is what we do everyday, all our team members speak fluently English, Chinese and Cantonese, we know which language and communication tricks can be used to get the most truthful relationship and the best product price. We are in contact with more than 2600 trusted suppliers (in any product category) all around China, they know us and we trust them for already worked with them.


The Sample

Once chose a product you will need to order a sample to make sure it matches your standards (quality, colors, size...). You will probably ask for few samples from different suppliers, the cost can quickly become expensive (international shipping) and the delivery time is long. On average the price you will pay for the sample will be around 5-10 time more than the price negotiated with the suppliers.

See how we do...

By using our services we will receive all the samples for you at a really low cost. Our team will analyse the samples according to your standards. We will write an accurate report, take pictures and videos of the sample to make you feel the product as if it was in your hands. We also have experience in product design and fabrications process. If there is any problems did not report by the supplier in its material report you can be sure that our expert eyes will spot it!


Alibaba's Hidding Cost

Many suppliers on Alibaba and other platforms offer low prices on the site itself to attract clients. Most of the time these prices are based on very high order quantities and do not include packaging, certification, OEM or other requirements. Most of the time you will talk with a trading company claiming to be a factory. The truth is at the end of the negotiation the price you get will be higher than the actual market price, Why? because when they directly deal with foreigners they alway inflating prices. Moreover, suppliers often treat private individuals differently from professional sourcing companies.

See how we do...

Our team are specialize in Chinese négocition, we are looking for your product by first questioning our factories data base then we directly contact the suppliers by phone and talk about the price the delivery time, the samples and every important point according to your specifications. The prices that you’ll receive from us are based on your exact inquiry including certifications & all other requirements that you gave us. We try our very best to meet your target prices and beyond. You can be sure to always get the best prices. We will check certificate validity and relevance. We’ve helped over a hundred Amazon sellers importing from China in the past years. We’ve collected thousands of good suppliers in China.


Quality Issues

It can happen the quality of the final product differ from the sample you have chose as the production standard. This is a huge problem since you will probably figure it out once you received all your order or through a really bad notation on your Amazon listing or other e-commerce platform. It can be devastating for your business since today the quality is one of the first customers criteria. After the shipment from the factory’s warehouse nothing can be done to solve any problemes, everything need to be settled before.

See how we do...

All the goods exported by Axe Sourcing go through a rigorous Quality Control (QC) inspection before they are exported. We have different levels of quality control depending on our member’s requirements and the products involved. The level of quality control you need will vary depending on your business, your product, and your market requirements. We offers the following quality control inspection services:

-Sample inspection 

-Pre-shipment inspection


Protect Your Ideas

Directly give your idea to a supplier can expose it to being copied. If you find a new product idea or an existing product which is going to become a good sell you can be sure that the supplier will open a listing on Amazon to sell it. He will probably get inspire by your idea and your design.

See how we do...

Sometimes product are composed of few pieces which need to be sourced from 1-3 different suppliers to form the final product. In this case the general idea of the product will not be known by the suppliers, we will order separately the different items and assemble them. Nobody will know what the final product is. On the another hand we can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you and the suppliers.


Supplier Identification

You come across a Chinese supplier online. The organization looks alright. There’s a potential business opportunity that could really take off. BUT there are many scams, fakes, and just plain bad Chinese suppliers out there to watch out for. So how do you make sure you’re doing business with a legitimate supplier you can trust?

See how we do...

How are we verifying all the suppliers we are working with? 


-Make a phone call 

-Check business licenses 

-Ask for references: To check up on the supplier’s track record in producing top-quality items, ask for their previous customers as a reference. 

-Get a sample 

-Conduct factory audits (for suppliers in Guangdong province) 

-Search through the Chinese Supreme Court database.




We source by using a wide variety of resources available to our team including our existing database, relationship factories across industries and other channels. We also aim to get the best possible pricing by working with ground level factories that have more competitive prices than suppliers on online platforms many of whom are traders claiming to be factories.

Due-Diligence: We carry out due diligence on all suppliers we source, using our access to govt. databases and other 3rd parties to ensure we are dealing with a factory (and not a trading company claiming to be a factory) & the factory is reliable and has a manufacturing history. This is a key shortlisting criteria we use during the sourcing phase.



Thanks to our bilingual Chinese and foreigner sourcing team who are tough and skillful negotiators, you will see your processes and costs optimized, we will find the best combination of price & value to bring your business to the next level.



Axe Sourcing brings you a turnkey solution providing to your business all the flexibility to focus on what really matter, making sells. You will have more time focus on marketing, PPC, and business development, we handle everything until you get your goods inside your garage, your shop, your Amazon FBA warehouse or other E-commerce stockage. Relax, give you more time and reduce significantly the risk.

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